Saturday, November 18, 2006

An Update

Yes I'm still alive, but I've been very busy, and a little lazy to post in a while. So here's an update, in bullet points, because I'm still feeling a little lazy on this sunny Saturday :)

1. Wedding preparations are coming along, though I admit they've stalled somewhat. See point 4.
2. Work is keeping me busy busy busy. I'm not really sure if it's the job for me to be honest, though I've only been there 3 months, so we'll see.
3. J has become obsessed with buying a place, so we've been running around looking at properties, speaking to a lawyer, the mortgage broker etc. etc. Probably not the best thing since I'm trying to do wedding stuff. I'm still in a bit of a headspin.
4. We were burgled last Friday, with me inside the apartment! Went out with some work friends for the traditional after work drink, and I stumbled home after a Jรคger bomb too many (mental note: NEVER touch that stuff again). It was quite warm that evening so I left the balcony door half open, and I promptly fell asleep on the couch with the lights and TV on. They came in, must have seen me, and just grabbed what they could. The stuff in my handbag - my wallet, diary, makeup bag. And they took my laptop.

The laptop. With the wedding budget, guest list, invites, not to mention 5 years' worth of photos. All gone.

My diary, with my to do list, the things I've done so far this year (I have a terrible memory, so I like to write down everything I do). All gone.

So this last week, on top of a busy week at work, going to the bank to sort out our deposit for a potential place we're interested in, has also included going to the police to report the burglary, calling the insurance agency to sort out our claim, waiting for the insurance assessor to come to the apartment, going to be bank to sort out a new credit card, going to the motor registry to get a new drivers licence, and badgering my poor brother to part with his iBook for a few days.

So here I am, at home, trying to update an old backed up version of our guest list, and taking it easy after a very hectic week.

Oi vey as they say.


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