Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Alphabet City

I've found my new favourite brunch place near home. Book Kitchen in Surry Hills has a mean brunch menu (the WA sardine caesar salad was heavenly), and they have cookbooks galore - for purchase and browsing. I could have spent the entire Sunday afternoon there. What more could a girl ask for?

Anyway, they had a few copies of the
2007 Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. We ended up buying a copy after thumbing through it for a good 45 minutes while we were eating. It's in the same vein as the Zagat Guide, but without the pretty mauve cover.

And that's when I came up with a brilliant idea. Well I think it's brilliant. J looked a little bewildered when I said it to him. But I think it'll be fun - not for the hips or the wallet, but hey if you can't enjoy yourself some of the time, you might as well hide under a rock.

(my homage to the NY neighbourhood of the same name)
Aim: To try one restaurant for each letter of the alphabet once a week, for 26 weeks.
Rules: None really. It can be lunch or dinner, it can be a romantic meal for 2, or an all-you-can-eat gorge fest with a gang of 20. No limits. Only rule we've come with so far is we each take turns picking a place and surprising the other. J's got A.

We start this week. Can't wait!

Edit: Once a week might be overkill. At least once every 2 weeks is probably more realistic. We'll see...


At October 17, 2006 10:13 pm, Anonymous Ken said...

Excellent idea for a game, even though it could get quite expensive if you play in Sydney. Much more fun in Melbourne for less $$$. And anyway, it seems now we are getting franchises of the top Sydney restaurants down here (Rockpool, Longrain) to make up for the ones we loan to you northerners (Bondi Icebergs).


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