Monday, July 31, 2006

So freaky...

Ok, I was craving buffalo wings like a mad woman last week as mentioned in my previous post.

You know buffalo wings - the crispy fried chicken wings coated in gooey sticky spicy sauce, paired with a cooling blue cheese sauce and accompanied with carrot and celery sticks. Yummm. It got to the point where I was this close to begging J to pop down to Sydney's Hard Rock Cafe, which happens to be down the road, to get me some. Yes, I was desperate.

You see, hot sauce for some reason seems to be very difficult to find in Sydney (not that I'd been looking that hard, the craving is only a week old!). I scoured the local supermarket but to no avail, so I figured I'd do my hips a favour and grit my teeth and hope the craving would pass. Tabasco sauce we have, but it's not the same as hot sauce.

So imagine my surprise when I checked out Sunday's New York Times. Not one but two articles on the best bar finger food ever. What is even better is that they have some tasty alternatives to the traditional buffalo wing.

Now all I have to do is find out where I can buy hot sauce in Sydney.



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