Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weddings and cravings

Wedding prepartions are coming along, albeit slowly. Church and reception venue have been booked. Invitations are halfway there - I say halfway as we've finally decided on numbers (and what a drama that was), and we've picked out the paper and design.

We're printing them out ourselves to save on costs, so now all we have to do is figure out what you're meant to write on English and Chinese. This will be interesting since a) we need to install Chinese Word on our laptop (I think, or do you need a Chinese keyboard as well? Argh!!), and b) I can't read let alone write Chinese to save my life.

Some newly married girlfriends have been thoughtful enough to give me all their bridal magazines, and I have to say that flicking through them only adds to the stress and anxiety I'm beginning to feel - should I give wedding favours? Should I start my beauty regime now? Should I wax or shave? So many things I hadn't even thought of, all splashed out on pretty, glossy pages.

So to distract myself from all this wedding hooplah, I've been daydreaming.'s summer in New York now. The queues outside Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, lobster rolls at Pearl Oyster Bar, buffalo wings (I love the stuff, but can't seem to find them in Sydney), brunch and bellinis at Schiller's, a cocktail or two under the stars at Luna Park...

Ahhh...that's better. Meditation if I do say so myself!


At July 27, 2006 3:16 pm, Anonymous kate said...

C - Hate to make you homesick, but we were just at Luna Park the other night for cocktails - wish you were still here !!!!!!!


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