Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First course

Ok, we're in the middle of dinner right now, but I underestimated how filling scallops are, so we're taking a little break between courses. (Well, there's only 2 courses, since we couldn't resist the chocolate cake last night...heh).

Scallops with apple brandy cream sauce
Scallops with apple brandy cream sauce

Verdict? 10/10!!! So delicious but VERY filling. You can find the recipe here. I used Cognac as that was all I had in our liquor "cabinet" (cabinet = the Cognac, and a bottle of whiskey that's been sitting around for waaay too long).

I found out that Cognac is basically brandy from the Cognac region of France and is made from grapes. Calvados, which is what the recipe calls for, is brandy made from apples. So I'm assuming that it would have made the sauce slightly sweeter, which would have been too much I think.

Anyway, enough babble.
Happy Valentines Day! :)


At February 15, 2006 2:29 pm, Blogger Nina said...

Hehe... Blogging during V-Day dinner--that's awesome! And the scallops look delicious. Great job!

At February 15, 2006 8:35 pm, Blogger MM said...

It's a fabulous dish, isn't it? I've made it before and used Calvados. Next time if you do not have Calvados, try infusing a couple of apple slices in your Cognac before adding it - it makes a difference. I think it's time I made this again after seeing your fab photo!

At February 22, 2006 10:49 pm, Anonymous augustusgloop said...

Oh I'm still waiting for the next course... was it lamb or salmon?!?

Anyway, I've tagged for the latest Five Food Challenges doing the rounds. Play, don't play, entirely up to you =)

At February 26, 2006 8:32 pm, Blogger Chick Pea said...

Oh yes, forgot to mention the second course...was in a bit of a food coma after the scallops ;) We had lamb, sauteed spinach and glazed carrots. I took the lazy option!!


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