Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Freaking out

Well, not exactly. But I'm in the process of planning a menu for Valentine's Day, and I'm stumped. Absolutely no idea what to cook, hence the freaking out business. Maybe I'm overreactting, maybe not. But I think the wedding dress shopping and general wedding preparations, which mind you, I haven't really started on yet, have turned me into a blubbering stressed out freakoid.

We had a heavenly meal last Friday at
Blue Hill near Washington Square Park. It was a lovely surprise from J, and it made sense to go out for dinner then, rather than on Valentine's Day itself.

So here I am trying to figure out what to cook tomorrow night. I found a yummy
scallops recipe, so that will be the starter. I have Cognac at home, but no brandy. Maybe I can use it as a substitute? Fingers crossed.

Main course? No idea! I was tossing up between lamb chops with rosemary, or salmon with a mustard glaze. We both haven't had salmon in a while, and it might be just the right amount after the heavy, cream based scallops. But side dishes? No idea!

Ok, deep breaths....


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