Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dinner Lunch for one

Winter Restaurant Week started last week. Held twice a year for two weeks in the summer and winter, it is a fabulous way to check out the various restaurants around the city - three course prix fixe lunches for $24.07 (as in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week), and dinners for $35.

As J and I have done Restaurant Week on numerous occasions, some of the restaurants were getting a little, well, bleugh - it's usually the same restaurants every time. One restaurant we always go to for lunch though, since we can't afford it otherwise, is the always fabulous Cafe Boulud.

Cafe Boulud's roast chicken - winter Restaurant Week lunch
Cafe Boulud's version of roast chicken

We try to do at least one new restaurant every time, and this time, we picked a restaurant with a tongue-twister of a name, davidburke & Donatella for lunch this week.

Unfortunately though, J is extremely busy with work and has to cancel on me. Phone calls to friends have been unsuccessful, and since I still really, really, really want to go, I'm going to do it alone.

Wish me luck!


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