Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Belated Christmas Wishes

In Ireland at the moment spending Christmas with J's family and enjoying the sunny weather.

Spent a long weekend in Barcelona and it definitely wasn't long enough. We spent the days wandering the narrow streets, stopping off for tapas and €2 glasses of vino tinto. We went to the massive covered market and saw racks and racks of delicious jamon. We had yummy cava - sparkling wine for just €3 a bottle, yes bottle. Plus smoking is allowed just about everywhere (including the Metro??), what's there not to like!?

Anyway, just a quick entry to wish you all a belated happy Christmas and a fun and safe new year! :)

Time to start on those new year's resolutions...


At January 04, 2006 2:20 pm, Anonymous cooking range woman said...

Been to Spain before but I haven't tried that delicious Jamon you were referring about but I will definetly hunt for that when I do go back. Maybe I should really looked around and not be confined to a hotel the whole day. Thanks for sharing this!


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