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Spent a weekend in the 'burbs with A & J, who live about an hour north of Chicago. It was a true taste of suburban life with the large house, the big SUV and their two lovely daughters aged 6 and 7.

We landed on Thursday evening where A, one of John's best friends, picked us up from O'Hare. We then joined the throng of vehicles fighting their way through rush hour for the commute home.

God Bless

What got me the most on our first night there was how quiet it was – no horns blaring, no sirens screeching, no garbage trucks rumbling through the streets at 4 in the morning. John and I hadn’t had such a great night’s sleep in a while, so we felt refreshed when we finally crawled out of bed Friday morning.

A had a few errands to do, so after a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, we tagged along and went with A to their local
Sam’s Club, a mega-mart where you can buy anything your little heart desires in bulk, and I mean bulk.

I was in awe.

Sam's Club

The massive carpark and unassuming (read: ugly) building didn’t prepare me for what was in store - aisles and aisle of food, household items, even jewellery were for sale – all in jumbo, gargantuan size (well except the jewellery…heh).

Sam's Club
Holy crap there's a lot of food here

There were free samples of food, which I thought was a great idea. So I helped myself to some funky tasting shrimp scampi and strolled down the aisles to take some photos.

Even John was in awe, so I had him "model" some of the items we found...

I Can't Believe It's That Big!!
I Can't Believe It's That Big!!

Sugary goodness indeed

A lot of the items we saw were labeled “Restaurant Quality”, which I assume meant that the majority of the shoppers there were buying for their businesses, but I saw a lot of families filling their oversized shopping carts with oversized boxes. I think you pay an annual fee to become a member of the club, and you can shop until you drop.

If only that were Praise mayonnaise, I'd die a happy woman

I was tempted to buy this, paired with a 6-pack of beer...yum!

I suppose it does make sense to buy things in bulk, you save money and endless trips to the supermarket. Still, it was a bit of an eye opener that's for sure!

Looks like a happy customer

We made our way back to Chicago on Saturday for a night out on the town with A & J, who found a baby sitter to stay overnight. They were so excited at being back in Chicago without the kids. It was funny watching them enjoy each other's company.

Ahh...suburbia...John and I can't wait to join it...maybe!

Millenium Park
Shot from Millenium Park


At October 04, 2005 10:06 am, Blogger nosheteria said...

Sam's Club is the equivalent of Costco on the West coast. It is truly a bizarre place. People go to Costco on an empty stomach, and make entire meals out of the free samples!

At October 04, 2005 1:20 pm, Anonymous augustusgloop said...

Love your photos! Reminds me of Cash N Carry in Oz but I don't think there are as many giant-sized products.

That giant bucket of cheeseballs looks great. I, too, am constantly amused by 10L buckets of butter in restaurants etc. Size isn't everything but it sure makes for plenty of amusement.

At October 05, 2005 5:50 am, Blogger Chick Pea said...

Hi Nosheteria - Yes the free samples were great, though I'm not sure about going there for a full meal. There's only so many crackers and apples one can take!

Hi AG - I was _this_ close to buying the bucket of cheeseballs, total bargain! But, I'm watching my figure ;)

At November 04, 2005 5:13 pm, Anonymous ruce said...

this picture is brilliant chickpea.. love everything about it. ohh yeh, and i don't hold it against you that the swans beat my eagles in the AFL Grand Final! :) (thanks for visiting me site btw).

At November 05, 2005 8:48 am, Anonymous LisaSD said...

I've gotta say, having shopped in both, that Costco is much better. But yeah, I've been known to show up at 11 am and make lunch out of a Costco trip...

At May 10, 2006 7:11 pm, Blogger jenjen said...

I agree with lisasd and nosheteria you coudl make meal out of all the free samples at Costco. You start with the free appetisers then with the samples of gelato! Have to to love that about America.


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