Thursday, August 04, 2005

Lazy Bones

Ok, I've been lazy, I can admit that. Being in hot, humid weather does that to me sometimes, though that's a pretty lame excuse I know.

J got back from NZ a few weeks ago now, and the most exciting thing we've done since is head down the New Jersey shore for some surf and sand over the weekend. The weather really has been quite nice, not as humid as last year I guess. I'm peeling like a banana now, that's what you get for not using sunscreen (eek!).

We had brunch at Ruby's in the Lower East Side on Sunday. J had the Bronte (beef burger) and I had the Bondi (chicken burger). I think I liked the Bronte more - the mayo and sweet chilli sauce combo is delicious. Can't wait to go again!

My brand new (purchased in April) camera is broken!! I don't believe it! So no photos for a while as I've sent it in for repairs. I have a feeling someone may have dropped it a few times while holidaying in NZ...hmmmmm???


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