Saturday, February 11, 2006

A Distraction


I have to admit shopping is not my cup of tea. Since I’m usually indecisive at the best of times, going into a department or clothing store gets me into a head spin, there are just too many choices!!

My very good friend P and I are heading off to Jamaica next week for a long weekend. Sun, sand and pina coladas beckon, so of course we have to have the proper attire for the trip. Which is why we’ve started shopping (or in my case, window shopping) for beachy, summery outfits.

I came across these lovely earrings while shopping the other day, the only thing I’ve purchased so far for the trip. They’re not what I would usually wear, which is normally just a watch and my engagement ring, so these earrings will take some getting used to. But they look nice and summery, and will look great with the tan I hope to get while there ;)

We are staying in an all-inclusive (?!!?!) resort, about an hour’s drive from Montego Bay, so all we really need to bring is a hat, some sunscreen and some trashy magazines. Oh and my earrings of course.

Can’t wait!


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