Saturday, October 14, 2006

Summer lovin'

Chick Pea's seafood platter
Chick Pea's seafood platter - a little wobbly with the camera's night setting

Friday night. After a ridiculously hot 35C/87F day, the evening breeze cooled the city somewhat. J went for a swim at the local pool, and I was just glad the work week was over.

As it was too hot to cook, lame excuse but true, I decided an evening on the balcony with some fresh seafood was in order. So I stopped by the David Jones Food Hall to pick up some goodies and headed home.

We had cooked tiger prawns, Sydney rock oysters, Pacific oysters and smoked salmon. The pièce de résistance had to be the blue eyed cod. I seasoned and dusted a light coating of flour before searing with butter and a touch of olive oil over high heat.

It was a little difficult to take a clear photo of our soon-to-be-devoured dinner. Night settings on cameras are a great invention, but it's damn near impossible to take a pic with a steady hand, especially after a drink or two (or four as was my case before we started eating).

Spoilt from our decadent dinner, we splayed out on the couch, tossing up whether to go for a walk. We're one block away from Oxford St, the nightlife hub of Sydney, so there's always things to see, no matter what time.

In the end we just listened to some "phat" tunes (as J used to say), chilled out on the couch and finished off the wine before heading off to bed by 10.30pm. On a Friday night. Again. So much for clubbing and the 10am benders of a few years ago, who would've thought?!?


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