Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Sunday brunch - smoked salmon scrambled eggs
Smoked salmon scrambled eggs - the lazy way

It was such a glorious day yesterday we decided to have a BBQ on the roof of our building. I made some potato salad and a cold bean and red pepper salad. I then marinated a tonne of chicken drumsticks in soy sauce to be coated with a honey glaze once cooked (my family's secret recipe, used at every Easter and Christmas BBQ for as long as I can remember).

My brother and his friend called around and we had a lovely evening outside. After they left, we were so exhausted we went to 10pm...on a Saturday night. I guess we must be getting old!

So when we woke up this morning to another glorious day, we decided to have brunch on the balcony. J headed out to get some coffess and the Sunday paper and I prepped for our brunch. A super quick and easy scambled eggs with smoked salmon, grape tomatoes and a slice of toast.'ve gotta love the weekends.


At September 23, 2006 8:41 pm, Blogger jenjen said...

What a simple yet truly comforting breakfast. That is definitely a great way to wake up.


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