Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yes, again. I have no idea what to cook on the the day that makes half the male population queue up for chocolate in desperation (which is what I saw at a chocolate store at lunch time today).

I've been feeling extremely lazy of late, add to that J is hell busy at work again, and you can see why the motivation is at an all time low.

Scallops with apple brandy cream sauce
Scallops with apple brandy cream sauce 14/2/2006

5.17pm here and just about to leave work to do some grocery shopping, fast running out of ideas. Might make the trusty favourite from
last year. Delicious and a cinch to make, or might just stick to the safe (and even easier to make) steak and 2 veg.

Decisions, decisions.

Edit: Just got back from David Jones Food Hall and it was mayhem - I've never seen so many men lining up at the cheese and seafood counters! So what's on the menu tonight? A seafood bonanza. Got some lovely plump scallops, so I'm kind of excited about making the dish again. After all, it's been a year since I last tried!!


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