Thursday, March 31, 2005


Last Saturday we had plans to go to the Lincoln Center near Central Park to watch a jazz performance. As the show didn’t start until 9.30pm, we stopped off at Fanelli Café in Soho for a burger and some beers. The burgers there are delicious, and they have been voted amongst the best burgers in New York. A thick juicy beef patty with the best hamburger bun I’ve ever had. Instead of the usual sesame seeds sprinkled on top of the bun, it’s got flecks of fried onions. The fries however are another story - a soggy, greasy pile of limp fries which barely fit the term "fried", but I reckon the burger more than makes up for it.

After the burgers, we caught the subway up to Central Park.

I had finally decided that I should bring my digital camera with me whenever I was out, since I’ve missed out on so many opportunities to take some great pictures around the city. So what happens the evening I decide to do that? Disaster!!

Even though it was only 8.30 on a Saturday night, the trains were remarkably empty. I thought to myself, “A-ha! Perfect photo opp!”. Unfortunately as I whisked the camera out of my bag, the train suddenly swayed and, grabbing the closest thing I could to support myself, I bang my hand (or rather my camera) against a nearby pole.

The camera hasn’t been the same since.

I can turn it on, I can change the settings, I can view the pictures taken before the accident. But I can’t take a damn picture with it anymore. I’ve been tossing up whether I should get it fixed, but since I bought it over two years ago for under 200 bucks I guess it would probably be cheaper to just buy a new one.

I had planned to take some pictures on Sunday as well, as I was going to make lamb chops for dinner. I guess bad things happens in pairs, because after our usual Sunday stroll, I headed to the supermarket to buy my ingredients and what do you know, all the stores had closed early because it was Easter Sunday! Since Easter wasn’t a public holiday here, I wasn’t expecting them to close early.

We decided to have a belated Easter Sunday dinner so tonight I’m making grilled lamb chops with rosemary & thyme. Spuds are roasting in the oven and lamb is marinating in the fridge. Unfortunately there will be no pictures of this fabulous meal, but I’ll be looking around this weekend for a replacement camera.


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