Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good God, it's been almost 4 months.

My priorities had a bit of a reshuffling during this time, which explains the lack of posts. But yes, I'm back, albeit fleetingly until the next month or so. But then I'll be back on track. On track for what, you may ask? That I'm not sure as yet. I do miss blogging, but I think the direction of this blog might change a little. Just a little, of course.

I still love to cook and eat. However lately I have had little energy to cook, and what I can eat has been somewhat restricted for a few months.

Yes, I'm up the duff as they call it. A strange term which I'd never heard of until recently, but up the duff I am.

Goodbye pâté, brie and oysters. Hello cooked vegetables, fish and the odd chocolate bar, or three.

Now the big question is, would you consider prosciutto a goodbye or hello? I'm hoping, desperately, that it is hello. Though who am I fooling, call it women's intuition, but I think I know the answer already. Unless someone out there would like to correct my obvious, hormone-induced, moment of....somethingorather.


At May 30, 2008 6:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


How far along are you?

At July 04, 2008 10:41 pm, Blogger ChickPea said...

More Congrats, Chick Pea and J ! The Hubby and I did not manage this Great Achievement, so our family comprises 2x4 feet and will gain wings tomorrow.

Have just found your site. Guess, as you've been blogging longer than I have, that I should apologize for apparently (nearly)nicking your name - as it's a really good name I shall congratulate you on your choice and regard you as a twin.

Great blog. Life is a great Journey. Good to share. Good Luck.
loadsaluv, x x

At July 05, 2008 12:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea, the food looks good too.

I wonder where she went? Its July 4th already!

At November 17, 2008 5:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any updates?

At January 27, 2009 3:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well - no updates visible so I guess you forgot about your blog and fans.

Kung Hei Fatt Choi anyway.


At February 11, 2009 6:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while searching for a mushroom pea risotto and found your blog to be super inspiring and cute!
I live in California, currently studying food science/nutrition and have dreams to graduate and someday be able to travel to a lot of places taking great pictures and tasting and cooking great food, and also to settle in sometime in the near future... i hope to have a life that you pretty much seem to be living right now (it seems from your blog). So yea, I don't know you or much about you but you seem to be at this great time of your life, it's really nice to see =)

At February 13, 2009 11:08 am, Blogger Chick Pea said...

Thank you for your lovely comment. I felt all warm and mushy when I read it, must be the hormones! ;) So yeah, I'm back. Not back with a vengeance, but baby steps for now. :)


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